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Furnaces – How to Maintain Them by Yourself

A furnace is what helps to keep your home comfortable throughout the year, so knowing a bit about furnace maintenance is very important to any homeowner. If you're unsure what must be done in other to maintain your furnace properly, continue reading for a little advice.

To begin with, if you are having issues with your furnace, make sure that the entire system is turned on and that your circuit breaker is properly set. You'll hate to call a repairman to your house only to realize that the problem was as easy as flipping a switch breaker! Also, make sure that your furnace is plugged in properly; if the furnace won't turn on still, try tripping and resetting all the breakers that are attached to it.

In case your furnace keeps on tripping circuits or blowing fuses, you should probably not try to fix the situation by yourself, as it is most likely an electrical problem that will require a professional touch. It's also advisable to never try to fix anything if you smell gas in your house; if this is actually the case, step out immediately and call the fire department as well as your local gas company.

If there is no significant problem with your furnace but you still can't get it to work properly, you may need to try calibrating your thermostat. People make pointless furnace maintenance appointments because their thermostats aren't working properly. If you're having troubles with temperature control in your house, first check if your thermostat is not incorrectly influenced by outdoor temperature by drafts or openings in the wall, and then tape a mercury thermometer a few inches from your thermostat, making certain that it's not touching the wall by putting it on a small paper towel.

In case you have more than one degree off between the thermostat and thermometer, try cleaning your thermostat by removing the faceplate and blowing away dust particles. You may clean the contact points with a very soft brush. Be sure the thermostats screws are tight, especially if it works together with a mercury thermometer that might not be completely in a straight line. Once you've done this, check the thermostat again.

If the temperature is back on the right track with the actual temperature, all you have to do is hang on to see if your furnace is really functioning properly. Otherwise, you may want to replace the entire thermostat, which is a lot more complicated process.

Certainly if your thermostat and furnace aren't synching up for reasons unknown, you will need to focus on your furnace a little. However, it is also essential that you bring in a specialist to perform a yearly furnace maintenance in your house, since you can spend big money on repairs and extra electrical expenses if your furnace is not properly washed and lubricated at the start of every heating season.

If you wish to save a little cash on furnace maintenance, consider getting in touch with the professionals a little early. Try having your every year maintenance done in mid-summer before most people are thinking of calling. This way, you should have a fairly easy time getting a scheduled appointment, and you might just get a discount as well.

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