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How to Keep Your Fireplace Clean

Fireplaces can vary in size depending on the size of the house and the room where it is. Many people save money using their fireplaces during the winter months since it does a great job of warming up the house and could even be used for cooking food.

The inner part of the fireplace is called the fire pit - which is linked to the flue - also called the chimney. The chimney is used to send out gas out of the home. Otherwise the house would fill with smoke and fumes.

Many homes that are located in the northern parts of the US come with a fireplace due to cold temperatures during winter. Anyone seeking to own a house with a fireplace must be able to take on the duty of keeping it clean. In the event that you neglect to clean the fireplace, ash, dirt, and even pests will build up and make it messy and unusable. I've stayed in many homes with fireplaces but because they were never looked after, I was not able to use them.

There are 3 main parts to the chimney that will need to be keep clean; the fire pit, grate, and the chimney. You can clean, vacuum, and wash out these parts. Cleaning your fireplace does not only keep the home looking fresh and clean - but it will make the fireplace burn off cleaner air.

When cleaning the fireplace the very first thing you must do is to remove all the debris inside the fire pit. You just need to pull out the pieces that are too big to be vacuumed up. Such as logs, paper, and things you have used to burn a fire. After removing the particles, you are free to vacuum out all the soot and ash. A home vacuums could work - however the shop vacuums are far better and you won't have to stress about all the ash clogging the filters.

Around the carpet by your fireplace lay down a tarp or a vintage sheet and place magazine on top of this and on the hearth and within the fireplace. Combine a gallon of hot water and one glass of bleach. Use a brush and this solution to remove the rest of the creosote and soot that is stuck inside the fire pit.

Once you've cleaned it down completely you are free to remove the magazines and use old wash rags to dry it off. Using the same solution, you will need to brush the floor of the fireplace and again use an old wash rag to dry it off.

The fireplace grates could be messy to clean, which explains why you must do that outside the house. Just lay the grates on an old sheet, use the bleach water solution or an oven cleaner to scrub it out. The glass doors of the fireplace can be cleaned out easily using any kind of glass cleaner.

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