Metal-Fab Corr/Guard 4" Diameter Patterson-Kelley Adapter (AZ) - 4CGPKA-CA0

Metal-Fab Corr/Guard 4" Diameter Patterson-Kelley Adapter (AZ) - 4CGPKA-CA0

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CorrGuard AL29-4C Inner Casing / Aluminized Steels (AZ / CA0) Outer Casing
FAST, EASY INSTALLATION - One-step connection and snap lock - just slide together until it "clicks" tight, no tools required. PRECISION ENGINEERED GOLD QUALITY - Gasket is molded to fit, not extruded/spliced. Continuous weld inside the flue on elbows, not taped. Laser welded pipe. Consistently close tolerances. Pressure rated to 10 inches of water column. AL29-4C or 444 corrosion resistant stainless steel. UL Listed - tested and labeled to UL1738 for Category II, III & IV appliances. Limited Lifetime Warranty. (Standard Corr/Guard Value series not included.)

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