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Andirons offers a large selection of unique and stylish andirons for your wood fireplace including brass, cast iron, nickel, and modern andirons. Our andirons are made with fine and durable materials designed to look great in your open fireplace at home. Besides their classic or modern craftsman styles and designs, they also come in elegant-looking black, silver or gold colors. With craftily handled materials like the vintage iron, antique brass, reflective glass and polished nickel, we have designs that will match the style you want for your home, regardless if you have an old fashioned or modern wood fireplace. They also come at reasonably cost-effective prices.

Our brands, Pilgrim and UniFlame, are carefully crafted and polished to create a simple but classic look in your open fireplace. Pilgrim is popular with vintage iron, antique brass, polished nickel and bronze, producing award-winning vintage designs in andirons. UniFlame on the other hand, focuses on solid brass and durable glass materials for a more cutting-edge modern look.

Visit, give us a call, or email us to find out more or if you have any question about our andirons. At, we will serve you well with our quality, affordable choices.