Vogelzang has been operational and supplying high quality heating solutions since 1974. The company is dedicated to providing the finest collection of circulators, stoves (wood/pelt) and versatile fireplace accessories. The company safety tests and designs all their product lines themselves, to make sure, only the products with the highest quality standards leave the manufacturing unit to be made available to customers in retail stores. Here is a list of the best that Vogelzang has to offer to the heating solutions market.

Wood/coal furnaces

The innovatively designed stoves from VogelZang can be fuelled wither by wood or pellets, depending on the version you choose. These stoves can come with either the classic steel plates or cabinet type of circulators for even distribution of the heat. The stoves are equipped to handle heating living spaces in the range of 800 to up to 3000 sq.ft.

Plate Steel stoves

You have a wide range of choices when searching for an efficient steel plate powered stove for your home. You can pick either a standalone model or an insert if you are looking for a version to be fitted in to an existing fireplace setup. The Defender is a standalone wood stove in this category and one of the most popular products from VogelZang. The Colonial on the other hand is a wood stove insert and is an airtight fitting model to provide highest heat efficiency for small to medium fireplaces.


You can choose the Hearth Deluxe when browsing through VogelZang’s line up of products to find an impressive circulator stove model. The product is a high performance yielding coal circulator model, which is better in energy efficiency and cleanliness.