Vistaflame fireplace inserts and wood stoves are manufactured by Sherwood Industries in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia and available all over the world.

The fireplace insert models do not have and ash drawer so the ashes will need to be scooped into a metal container with a tightly fitting lid. Place the closed container on a non-combustible floor, well away from combustible materials.

The freestanding models are equipped with a small tap door in the firebox and an ash drawer. Open the trap door located on the floor of the unit. Push the ashes that have accumulated into the hole were the ashes would drop into the ash pan. Ensure that the trap door is closed properly before relighting the unit. When the ash drawer is ready to be emptied lift the front of the drawer up then slowly pull the drawer straight out and close the lid on the ash drawer - this is to prevent making a mess with the ashes when transporting the ash drawer through the house. When reinstalling the ash drawer ensure that the lid is open and line up the rails on the bottom of the ash drawer with the notches in the opening on the pedestal. Slide the drawer into place, the front of the drawer will drop a bit when it is all the way in.

If the ashes are to be buried in soil or otherwise locally dispersed, keep them in a closed container until all cinders have cooled. Small amounts of cold wood ash can be used in the garden or compost.

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