Uniflame is a part of the Blue Rhino group of companies. The Blue Rhino.Inc can trace back its origin to 1994 to a Billy Prim from North Carolina, who invested his time and efforts in developing a propane tank exchange program in the States. On his travels to Africa, he stumbled on a Rhinoceros during a Safari, which triggered his imagination to combine it as a brand name and logo for his vision of a propane tank and a uniflame (sturdy like a rhinoceros’ horn). Thus, the brand Blue Rhino emerged and today Uniflame is an undivided part of the Blue Rhino brand. Here are the major products that are a part of the Blue Rhino line-up.

Barbecue grills

The line of outdoor barbecue grills from Blue Rhino is extensive and covers every kind of budget range. Whether you like to fire off the grill to entertain large number of guests over at your home or you are fond of grilling your meats and vegetables for a small gathering of your family every week, Blue Rhino grills has a size to meet every expectation. You can also choose based on the type of fuel used to fire up the grill - Charcoal, natural Gas, or electricity.

Fire pits

The fire pits or outdoor fireplaces offered by Blue Rhino are a wide collection of different designs and sizes to meet every kind of aesthetic preferences. You can choose an outdoor wood-fuelled fireplace with a steel base in simple or elaborate styling. The fire pits have a steel mesh cover to keep the sparks contained within the fire pit. You can also choose variations of fire pits in LP gas fuelled versions. They can be in a steel base finish or a slate base finish.