Selkirk has been operational in the chimneys and venting accessories market for more than 80 years. The company’s manufacturing units are based in Canada US and Mexico. The company is dedicated towards the production and distribution of chimney and venting products for commercial hearth industries and residential HVAC purposes.


The Ultra-Temp range is developed specifically for large masonry fireplaces and customized fire pits in industries and manufacturing factories. The product comes with a stainless steel casting for the outer layer. It has a one inch solidly packed insulation. You can also find the range incorporating 5-14 inches, 4-8 inches and the Ultimate one variations for customized fireplaces. The SuperVent series is developed for all-fuel type of fireplaces for large factories and production units.

Venting products

The VP series and Selkirk R series are the most popular models from the venting products line from Selkirk the products are listed under the ULC certifications. They are available in 3-8 inch diameters depending on the purpose of customization. The Versa liner is a versatile product developed for re-lining solid stainless steel chimneys in factories and manufacturing industries.


The Chardonnay Fireplace is a zero clearance unit that has a high heat circulating efficiency. The product maintains a heavy duty and thus highly durable, construction. The Bordeaux fireplace is a low emission model and certified by EPA as an ecologically efficient model. You can incorporate it in to your homes for high efficiency and very minimal maintenance. The unit is built for high endurance so you can get the maximum return value for your investment from this product.