Security Chimneys

Security Chimneys

The brand Security Chimneys have been 50 years in the making. The brand is dedicated towards continuous quality, research and development efforts to provide the most modern technology oriented and durable products for homes and office spaces. The company is based in Laval, Quebec. Every product from the company line is vetted according to UL and ULC standard certifications. Security Chimneys believe in producing quality products and building customer relationships through quality services. Here are a few of the most popular products for the residential as well as the commercial line of the company.


The Tubinox series is an easy to install product due to its unique system of twist and lock. The components can be simply slipped on together and then twisted 1/8th of a turn to lock in place. The connected mechanism is completely drip less and prevents the formation of creosote and a build up of condensation within the liner. This provides the product a greater resistance towards corrosion or fast deformation, making it highly durable. The double locking seam further secures the mechanism of the product.

Secure series

The secure series of chimneys from Security chimneys is specifically quality tested to provide the best of the Company’s brand name. The product exceeds the quality marks and safety standards. The design is compatible with all fuels like wood, coal, gas and oil stoves. It is moulded for sustaining extremely high temperatures and the product is certified under Intertek Testing Services’ quality standards of ULC-s629.

CI and CT Secure Commercial

Security chimneys also have a commercial line of products to incorporate their quality standards for large manufacturing and production spaces. The CI and CT secure series are the most popular of the commercial lie of chimneys from the company.