Rasmussen is a family owned enterprise that can trace back its inception to 1907. Four generations of the family have worked with the company ever since. Today, the Rasmussen brand is synonymous with high quality heating products and outdoor cooking solutions. The company has continued to change and gradually evolve over the years. However, the one thing that it has continued to value over the many years is fine craftsmanship. Today Rasmussen is an industry example of leadership and high quality contributing to incredible brand reputation.

The following products are the most popular in Rasmussen’s collection.

Log Sets

You can choose from two main feature varieties of gas log sets – The vented and vent free versions. The vented logs offer the evening and traditional series. The evening series allow viewing more flames due to the charred through surface texture of the logs. The traditional series have a solid texture for the front log. You can also search for the Alterna Series, which offers both types of log, sets and is one of the premier series line from Rasmussen.

Solaire grills

Rasmussen offers the range of most advanced and feature rich grills under their Solaire grills range. You can choose from infrared, outdoor and portable gas grills. Solaire Grills also offer built in, cart models and post models of grills for their customers. You can also find a host of other cooking ranges and culinary accessories to complete your dream outdoor cooking hub.

Patio heaters

Rasmussen also offers a wide range of Patio heaters as their major line of products. The consumers have an option to buy from the Platinum, Tungsten or Cobalt range of electric Patio heaters from Rasmussen