The American Energy Systems is the core company producing the MagnuM line of heating products for over 42 years. The company is a staunch believer of quality over mass quantity production and follows strict quality checks at every level of production. However, they are also big in providing eco-friendly and economical heating solutions for the average homeowner.

Magnum Winchester

One of the premier products to be produced by the core company, the MagnuM Winchester is almost 42 years strong in production. It has evolved over the years to match the contemporary needs and designing sensibilities. However, the product is very easy to install and operate. It has a high-energy output with a large burn time to give you the maximum energy efficiency. This is made possible due to the large pedestal style ashpan and the 68 pounds of maximum fuel capacity of the unit. The MagnuM Winchester line also has an insert version.

MagnuM Countryside

The MagnuM Countryside range is a pedestal version of stove fuelled by pellets. It has the most innovative feature of a self-cleaning technology for the fire pot and you can switch to the Tri-level combustion feature to burn different types of flex-fuels for generating a range of energy outputs. It has a fuel capacity of about 75 pounds and can keep a reasonably medium living space cosy for a maximum of 50 hours. You can also opt for the MagnuM Baby Countryside version of the series. It has a fuel capacity of 50 pounds and can keep a small space warm up to 40 hours.

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