Hudson River Stove Works

Hudson River Stove Works

The conception of the brand Hudson River Stove Works can be traced back to as early as 1973. The stoves have a specific feature of magnetic access for maintenance doors and a large ash can't make cleaning the stoves easier. These features are based on the concept that easier cleaning and repair of the ovens can extend the longevity of the stoves.

The most popular products under the brand include:

Catskill Freestanding stove (wood fuelled)

It is a compact and stand-alone model of a wood stove for heating small residential spaces. The stove is highly energy efficient with an efficiency rate of 78 percent and energy output of 35,000 BTUs.


The pellet fuelled Kinderhook is quite possibly one of the most feature rich models under the Hudson River brand name. The stove is pellet fuelled but has a 130 LB capacity hopper and a whopping 84.7 percent energy efficiency, which makes it ideal for people booking for the best value for their money. The stove also comes with an incorporated hearth pad and convenient digital controls.

Davenport Insert

This stove is considered the quietest product under the brand's many product lines. The Davenport insert can be installed in any of the pre-existing fireplaces in your home. The unit is whisper quiet and is designed to burn longer than most other products on a single fill of pellet.