The United States Stove Company is a privately owned enterprise that has been functional in the home heating solutions market since 1869. The company started out with two individual companies pulling their strengths together under a merger, continue to producing heating stoves, and cook ranges for domestic and commercial purposes. The company was redefined in the year 1963 with the development of the innovative Franklin Fireplace Range. Today, USStove is associated with many different product series that have emerged as individual brands themselves.

The HomComfort line of products under the US Stove Company's flagship produces the following popular products:

Indoor or Outdoor Oven (Wood Burning)

HomComfort is redefining the trend of outdoor cooking with their range of wood-fuelled ovens that can be adapted both indoors and outdoors for a perfect cooking session. The product is perfect for cooking casseroles or different types of pizzas. The oven has a large box space of 1.6 cubic foot, which is ideal for keeping a whole turkey or chicken upright while roasting to get the most succulent dishes from both outdoor and indoor cooking session on the same product.


HomComfort manufactures the EW series of heaters under its brand name. These heaters are ready for wall mounting with necessary installation brackets available with the product. The products are available in a variety of sizes ranging from 38 inches, 58 inches and 95 inches models. The products are renowned for the very contemporary design and ease of control via a remote. The electric operation for the heaters is simply plug and go. Therefore, it is ready for every time of home decor without having to worry about additional electrical installations to use the product.