Martin Natural Gas Direct Vent Thermostatic Heater - 11000 BTU with Window - MDV12VN

Martin 11000 BTU Direct Vent Thermostatic Wall Heater with Visor/Window - Natural Gas - MDV12VN

Martin heaters are specifically designed to provide maximum comfort to you and your home. Its large solid injected aluminum front grill assures the optimum use of the generated heat in the ambient and maintains normal temperatures behind the heater.

Natural Gas Unit - 11000 BTU
EXCLUSIVE GLASS CERAMIC WINDOW - A true market exclusive accessory, available on the 11,000 BTU and 20,000 BTU units
No Electricity Is Required
Warm, Adjustable Heat - Keep living or work spaces heated with a direct vent wall heater with room thermostat that lets you monitor your heat dispersion.
Built-In Thermostat - Once set, the temperature remains constant despite thermal variations. The flame adjusts to the temperature of the room, which prevents overheating, gas wastage, and noise pollution.
Stylish and Clean Energy - A sleek fireplace design, our direct vent gas heater produces safe, clean energy that is economical and aesthetically pleasing.
Quick and Easy Installation - Connect our heater to a gas fitter and it will heat your living space effectively with low maintenance required. (The wall's thickness cannot be less than 4-1/2" (11.5 cm) nor can it exceed 12-5/8" (32 cm).)
Easy to maintain - Preventive and corrective maintenance is simple.
Certified Quality - Heavy-duty grill made with die-cast aluminum - Allows for better heat flow. The back of the unit is kept at room temperature, which prevents the wall from becoming soiled. Product is certified for use in the USA and Canada.

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California residents please click on the link for information on Proposition 65 BEFORE purchasing.

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