Napoleon Verso 22 Gas Log Set - GL22

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Imagine yourself in front of a roaring fire, but you didn’t have to split the logs, build the fire, hoping that the kindling will catch. You also don’t have to wait for it to burn out, or clean up the ash and smoke after. And when you’re done, you only have to turn it off. There’s no clean up or waiting. The Napoleon Verso™ 22 Gas Log Set fills your existing wood fireplace space with the warmth and feel of a wood fire without the hassle. The Verso™ 22 is more realistic and less expensive than a gas fireplace insert. The Verso™ 22 is also versatile; you get two looks in one. You control how your fire looks with the option of an authentic split wood look or the natural tree bark look.

Up to 70,000 BTU's
President’s Limited Lifetime Warranty
Reversible PHAZER® Log Set
Battery Control System
Cast Iron Grate
Charcoal Lumps
Glowing Embers

The GL22 Reversible Gas Log Set is versatile. You get two looks in one. The logs are hand painted, and each set is unique. You control how your fire looks with the option of an authentic split wood look or the natural tree bark look. And you can just flip the logs around to completely change the look of your space when you want. Napoleon provides everything you need to create your perfect fire in one box. Customize the look of your fire by arranging the charcoal and glowing embers where you want.

The burner system ships with the logs themselves. You have everything you need in one box. The two-level burner has been specifically calibrated to create the tallest and most realistic flames possible. The sand or glass media direct the heat and flames to give a realistic wood fire look. When not on, the IPI control board will shut off the gas to the GL22. This eliminates the flow of unused gas into your space, saving you money.
Reversible Gas Logs in a modern setting

Weather is unpredictable and that can lead to power outages. That is not a problem with the Napoleon GL22 Reversible Gas Log Set. The battery operated starter ensures that your fireplace will light, keeping you safe and cozy no matter what. The lightweight ceramic fiber logs hold the heat and reflect it out into the room. Fire heats the logs, and like the sun, the GL22 Gas Logs bathe you in their glowing warmth.

Get two looks for the price of one. Choose the authentic split wood look or natural tree bark look to match your decor. You can even change the look with the changing of the seasons. GL22N/GL22P - Gas Logs - split wood configuration - natural bark configuration

Each Reversible Gas Log Set - GL22 comes in one box with all the reversible gas logs needed, the burner pan and control box, the sand or glass media for your selected fuel type, charcoal lumps and embers and our exclusive glowing embers.

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