Rutland 20' Kit w/ 8 - 2.5' Poly Extention Rods 1/4"-20 thread - 20' total - PSR-20

Rutland 20' Kit w/ 8 - 2.5' Poly Extention Rods 1/4"-20 thread - 20' total - SKU: PSR-20

RUTLAND Flexible Poly Pellet Stove Extension Rods are designed for the DIY homeowner. These extremely flexible, 0.25" diameter poly rods are designed to fit RUTLAND Pellet Stove Vent Brushes with 1/4-20 fittings and easily maneuver 30 degree and 40 degree offsets. Rods screw together to extend a brush into and through pellet stove or dryer venting. This rod will bend approximately 360 degrees.

20' Kit of eight 30" rods - How To Connect and Use a RUTLAND Chimney Brush, Fiberglass Extension Rods, and Adapter
For 3", 4", & 5" Pellet Stove Brush
How To Choose the Correct RUTLAND Brush Size

Note: Not for spinning.

Rutland offers a wide range of quality products to maintain, clean, and repair wood or gas stoves, fireplaces, hearths, and chimneys. Their product lines include fire starters, heat resistant cements and mortars, creosote and soot removers, high temperature silicone sealants, stove door replacement gaskets, chimney cleaning rods and brushes, and more!

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