Firegear Outdoors
Firegear Outdoors is the premier provider of outdoor fire products. They specialize in burner systems, outdoor fire features and accessories for the outdoor fire industry.

At Firegear, they use only the highest quality materials for each product. Their Pro Series Burner Systems are constructed from solid 304 stainless steel and are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions without corroding or rusting. This means you can rest assured that your fire feature will continue looking beautiful for years to come!

Additionally, each of their products is hand inspected and packaged for shipment in Huntington Beach, CA, by their team of knowledgeable professionals. This ensures that each product is thoroughly examined before making it to you so you can enjoy your fire feature immediately!

Some of the different types of ignition systems include:
AWS Ignition Systems and TMSI Ignition Systems - used in many different products spanning Firegear's line of products.
MT Ignition System - The Match Throw (MT) Ignition System is their most prevalent ignition system offered. Its ease of use and simple maintenance make it an ideal product that fits a wide array of different projects.
Firegear Thermocouple Flame Sense (TFS) Burner System is also a feature of some products.