Metal-Fab B-Vent 16" 16x24 Increaser - 16MIX24

Metal-Fab B-Vent 16" 16x24 Increaser - 16MIX24

Almost never undersold. If you find a better price e-mail us their quote and we'll likely beat it. Let us quote your pipe. Our Hearth Expert will evaluate your pipe installation project and give you a customized quote. Whether it is one piece or a larger project we can help. Call or e-mail us today!

Metal-Fab round B-Vent has been evaluated and listed to Underwriters Laboratories to mate with other specifically identified UL listed round gas vent in 3" through 6" diameters. Metal-Fab's approval includes but is not limited to the following B-Vent products: American Metal Products Co. (Amerivent), Continental Industries, Inc. (AirJet), ECCO Manufacturing (Model E/R), Hart & Cooley, Inc. (Hart & Cooley B-Vent), M&G Duravent Inc. (Type B Gas Vent), Mitchell Metal Products, Inc. (Mitch Vent), Selkirk Corporation (Energy Vent)

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