Century Heating

Century Heating

The Century Heating line of products is developed by the company Haugh's products. The line has been operational since 1994. The company itself is also well known for its takeover of the Jacuzzi heating division and producing the popular Jacuzzi parts since 1997. The brand is known for its strict quality conditions and adaptable design features.

The most popular products under the line are:

Wood Stoves

Century heating provides wood stove units in a range of sizes with the S series specifically producing small wood stove units. The S244 and S245E are developed for small to medium sized homes. They have clean lines to their design and feature a glass door to watch the flames. The FW series have medium sized wood stoves for homes with a larger space for heating. The units come in a version with blower and another without a blower feature. The FW300 is specifically designed for larger homes with a higher space-heating requirement. It has a modified blower feature to allow for seamless heating through large spaces.

Fireplace inserts

The line of fireplace inserts is specifically developed for building structures that have an old fireplace structure or a draft chimney. The insert can be built in to the wall to take advantage of the available structure but still provide modern heating solutions for your homes. The fireplace inserts come in medium and large product versions. The CW2500–I is developed for medium space heating needs. The CW2900-I can provide a better heating solution for heating large spaces in old or contemporary homes.