Ashley Hearth Products

Ashley Hearth Products

Ashley Hearth Products has established itself as one of the premier companies in Canada providing high quality heating solutions. They offer hearth stoves, wood furnaces, pellet stoves, coal furnaces and stoves running on multi-fuel. The biggest driving factor for Ashley products are high quality and no compromise on value for the money. Since their products are typically aimed at a target audience of mostly homeowners, the company understands the importance of a competitive price margin and strives to provide the best quality products at the most affordable prices.

Ashley Hearth Products offer a comprehensive range of direct vent heaters for home heating needs, which include the following popular models:

DV8 Gas Heater

This heater is a no-electricity model with the convenience of mounting the unit on any wall outside. The product comes with direct heating vents, thermostat control via a dial and a vent kit included with the product. It can heat up to a 200 square feet of area comfortably. It is fueled by natural gas or in some cases propane. 

DV12 Gas Heater

Again, a no-electricity model and also comes with dial control for thermostat. The DV 12 can be used to heat up to an area of 275 square feet conveniently. It has the revolutionary matchless Piezo type of ignition. There is a safety valve on the product for an auto shut off mechanism to reduce chances of accidents.

DV20 Gas Heaters

The DV 20 has more than 17000 BTUs / hour capacity that is ideal for large space heating of up to 475 square feet quite comfortably. These are a direct vent model and can be mounted on to any type of outside wall. The product comes with all standard features of thermostat control and safety valve with also venting accessories included.